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Have you experienced a candidate who was outstanding in an interview but couldn’t perform the job satisfactory? What about the opposite? Have you met someone who is extraordinary in their role but in an interview,  others would never know it? Have you selected someone for a promotion that was outstanding in their current role to find they were unable to deliver the same level of success in their next role? Have you selected someone for a role who was excellent but just didn’t have passion for the work? Have you gone through major change, possibly even a merger or acquisition, and you needed to quickly evaluate and select the right talent to stay and to go? With limited information you may be letting go of the wrong people and mapping the ones you keep into the wrong positions. Turnover is one of the largest expenses a company will face. This is why proper candidate selection is so critical. It is really easy to select the candidate who you are most comfortable with for various reasons. The harder part is to remove all conscious and unconscious bias from your process to select the one who truly is the best fit for the specific role. We help companies select the proper candidates on the front end when hiring external as well as select the right candidate for a promotion internally. Don’t let your team or company suffer. We have amazing tools and resources to leverage while partnering with you to save valuable time and money. Lets partner together to hire the right person every time!

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